Model Transition Program (MTP)

Job Readiness Curriculum

The Model Transition Program (MTP) Job Readiness Curriculum is designed to help students with disabilities become knowledgeable about the world of work, and includes modules on setting goals, the job hunt, first impressions, professionalism at work, managing work and personal life, confidence on the job, the new economy, and middle school preparation. The curriculum contains background information for the instructor, activities, handouts, and supplemental resources.

Each module contains at least 3 student activities, handouts, background information on the job readiness topic, information on resources in the Job Readiness program and how to use them, supplemental handouts, activities, workbook pages, and an annotated list of additional resources available on-line and from educational organizations.

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The curriculum consists of eight modules. Click on the title to view:

1 - Setting Goals

2 - The Job Hunt

3 - First Impressions

4 - Professionalism at Work

5 - Managing Work and Personal Life

6 - Confidence on the Job

7 - The New Economy

8 - Middle School Preparation


MTP Job Readiness Instructor's Guide

The Model Transition Program Instructor's Guide is to be used with the MTP Job Readiness Curriculum. Instructors choose a module by assessing the needs and interests of their 11th and 12th grade students who are transitioning to the work force. The Instructor's Guide contains information on the contents of the modules, working with the school, activities, differentiating and adapting instruction, managing the class, and facilitating sensitive discussions.

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VIDEOS: You Can Do It! Job Readiness Videos

Students with disabilities talk about their work experiences.

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VIDEO: MTP Job Readiness Tips from Instructors

Job Readiness Instructors provide suggestions for using the Job Readiness curriculum  and supplemental materials with students with disabilities in this 8 minute video.

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MTP Job Readiness Real Life Stories

This instructional packet contains 21 scenarios that are based on real-life experiences of students with disabilities who are obtaining and maintaining employment. The stories correlate with the themes of the MTP Job Readiness curriculum and can be used for class and small group discussions.

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MTP Job Readiness Supplemental Handouts

Additional handouts on job hunting and career options to be used with the Job Readiness curriculum.

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